Our little ones' sleep can be affected by so many different things: developmental leaps, sickness, teething... the list goes on! This synergistic blend of oils helps to naturally calm and relax youngsters, encouraging them to unwind after busy days and promoting a deep, restful sleep.


10ml roller bottle

Sleepy Babe Roller

SKU: 0016
  • Lavender is a deeply calming and relaxing oil. It comforts the heart, soothes chaotic emotions and has a sedative effect on the body.

    Vetiver is a soothing, relaxing oil which helps to promote sleep by relieving feelings of stress and anxiety.

    Cedarwood is an earthy, grounding oil that calms the nerves, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

    Roman Chamomile is a calming, relaxing oil that has a sedative effect on the body.

    Frankincense has soothing and relaxing qualities which help to encourage restful sleep.