A giftpack fit for a goddess.


With its floral and citrus notes, our Divine Goddess roller blend makes the perfect natural perfume. Along with its alluring scent, it also has the added benefits of calming the emotions and balancing female hormones.


Our beautiful bath salts are scented naturally with pure essential oils of lavender and geranium. Laced with pink himalayan rock salt and dried rose petals, they look as beautiful as they smell. Add a scoop to a warm bath, light some candles, grab your favourite book and soak up the relaxing benefits of these divine salts.


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Goddess Giftpack

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  • Divine Goddess Perfume Roller: Fractionated coconut oil, rose petals + pure essential oils of lavender, grapefruit, cedarwood, clary sage, patchouli and ylang ylang.


    Divine Goddess Bath Salts: Epsom salts, himalayan pink rock salt, dried rose petals + pure essential oils of lavender and geran