With its floral and citrus notes, this divine blend of essential oils and dried rose petals is the perfect natural perfume. Along with its alluring scent, it also has the added benefits of calming the emotions and balancing female hormones.


10ml roller bottle


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Divine Goddess Natural Perfume

SKU: 0005
  • Lavender is a deeply calming and relaxing oil. It comforts the heart, soothes chaotic emotions and has a sedative effect on the body.

    Grapefruit helps to open your heart to receive blessings, joy and happiness.

    Cedarwood is an earthy, grounding oil that calms the nerves, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

    Ylang Ylang relaxes the mind and calms erratic emotions. It is a great oil for self-nurturing and helps you to feel beautiful in your own skin.

    Clary Sage relaxes, comforts and grounds feelings and emotions. It helps to quell emotional outbursts brought on by PMS, menopause and other hormone-related upsets.

    Patchouli is an uplifting oil which strengthens one's sense of self, and raises self-confidence and self-worth.