This beautiful roller contains a potent blend of luxurious, calming and empowering essential oils which encourage a sense of self love, indulgence and confidence. Rose quartz crystals are scattered through the bottle; a stone which promotes healing, confidence and unconditional love. The scent is sweet and musky, and simply applying it to your heart, wrists and temples will have you feeling like you're wrapped in a blanket of self-love and appreciation.


Use it as a divine natural perfume, or add it to your daily self-care ritual, with a few deep, nourishing breaths. Go on, cherish yourself. This blend is also useful for relationships, as the oils are known to enhance romance and increase libido.


10ml roller bottle

Cherish Self Love Blend

SKU: 0032
  • Bergamot aids in thinking good thoughts about ourselves and increases awareness of our positive qualities. It is a calming oil which encourages a sense of joy.

    Rose helps us maintain focus on love and the heart chakra. It symbolises love and beauty, and encourages joy and happiness. Use rose to nurture yourself.

    Sandalwood helps us to align with compassion, inner peace, tolerance and love. It tells us to love ourselves and others completely and wholly just as we are.

    Jasmine increases the courage we need to embrace the magnificent being that we are. It activates endorphins, bringing about feelings of wellbeing and euphoria.

    Cinnamon raises our confidence and self-esteem. It helps us to embrace life and a passion for living.

    Ylang Ylang relaxes the mind and aids us in seeing, feeling and encouraging love. It is a great oil for self-nurturing and helps us to feel beautiful in our own skin. It is also an aphrodisiac.

    Vetiver calms our emotions and nerves while uplifting our moods, to help us feel more aligned and balanced.

    Cardamom helps us to gain the realisation that we only need to retain what nourishes us emotionally and mentally, and then release what no longer serves us.

    Ginger helps open our emotional field to accept connection with other people (including romantic relationships). It promotes courage and confidence.

    Rose quatz amplifies a sense of love and wellbeing. It helps us to feel comforted and aligns our consciousness with divine love.