This beautiful natural perfume is filled to the brim with dried blossoms and pure, precious oils from flowers, citrus fruits, herbs and trees. Capped off with a gold lid, this roller not only looks divine, but smells heavenly as well. The perfect perfume to make you feel like a goddess of the blooms.

Blossom Essential Oil Perfume

  • Floral oils (lavender, magnolia + roman chamomile) are known for their peaceful, calming and relaxing properties.

    Citrus oils (wild orange + grapefruit) are uplifting and invigorating. They encourage us to feel cheerful and optimistic.

    Woodsy oils (cedarwood) are supportive and grounding. They help to bring us back 'down to earth' and provide a sense of balance.

    Herbal oils (patchouli) are soothing, comforting and refreshing.