This purifying mist is infused with certified organic rose water and a blend of the purest essential oils to cleanse your space and protect you from negative energies. Each batch is cleansed with the healing vibrational energy of a Tibetan singing bowl. Spray this mist liberally around the body, into a space (home, workplace, car etc.) or over crystals and other objects, to rid them of negative energies and invite positive vibes.


We like to think of this Aura Cleansing mist as 'smokeless sage'. Made from 100% pure and natural plant-based ingredients.


50ml mist bottle


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Aura Cleanse Mist

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  • Frankincense has been used around the world medicinally and spiritually for thousands of years. It helps to cleanse and protect, as well as raise your energetic vibrations.

    Lavender is calming, soothing, relaxing and cleansing. It also guards against negative energy.

    Lemon opens the energy centres and cleanses the air.

    Cedarwood is a traditional aura cleansing oil that clears fears and fortifies our courage and resolve.

    Vetiver gounds us in the present moment, helping us to release negative energy from the past and accept the beauty of the present moment.

    Rose Water raises the energetic vibration of this mist, helping to deter negative energy. It is also beautifying to the skin if you wish to spray this mist over the face.