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All hail the Oil Queen. In late 2017, Candice, who was travelling around Australia with her family at the time, came along to one of my yoga classes. As I watched her flow through the sequence with strength and grace, I knew she must have been a yoga teacher herself. After the class, we got talking, and I learned that she was the ex-owner of The Joyful Buddhas, a yoga studio in Victor Harbor that I'd heard lots about. As our conversation unfolded, Candice spoke of her new role as an essential oil educator with doTERRA.

I have always had a little stash of essential oils in my home, and had recently bought some doTERRA oils from a health food shop. As soon as I opened those bottles, I could tell that what was inside was the real deal. Pure, potent and completely natural. Mama Nature at her finest. So when I learnt that Candice worked with this company, and saw the impressive collection of oils that she was carting around Australia in her caravan, I was intrigued to learn more.

Candice helped me to open my own doTERRA account, and taught me more than ever about the incredible plant magic of essential oils. She has always been a confident, powerful and optimistic force, and in the years since we met, Candice has risen to be a doTERRA Gold Leader (pretty impressive, for those of you who don't know the jargon). Her mission is to empower mothers to build a natural, healthy life for their families, and she is well on her way to taking over the world.

Along with being an essential oil queen, Candice is also a loving wife and mother, an advocate for self-love, and a Law of Attraction devotee. In this intimate chat, she dives deep into family life, natural parenting and her love for the doTERRA business. Read on to find out more about this inspiring Earth Mama.

Hi Candice, thank you so much for chatting with me today. I can't wait for my readers to learn more about you. In a few potent words, tell me about yourself.

Thank you lovely. I'm a mumma to two gorgeous boys and we live in our little beach shack in Middleton in South Australia.  I have always been obsessed with natural health and wellness since leaving school to study naturopathy... After this beginning followed many years of studying various subjects in the wellness area (I'm a Gemini with a thirst for knowledge on many topics), loads of travel around the world and the creation of a few businesses. At the moment, my focus is on sharing my love and passion of essential oils through the beautiful platform of doTERRA. I am so thankful for doTERRA and the opportunities they have provided for me, from working from home with my little ones to the collaboration and meeting of like-minded, empowered women like yourself.

Tell me about your gorgeous family - your husband and two sons.

Ah, the loves of my life. How blessed I am to be surrounded by gorgeous men, just like you! I refer to my husband Gus as my 'Earth' - he is sooo grounding for my creative, expansive, some might say erratic [laughs] self. Four years ago, Gus sold his landscaping company and since then we have had the freedom to travel Australia and really choose the way in which we want to live, which right now is with freedom and quality space and time with our boys.

We had grand plans to spend a chunk of this year in Indonesia and next year travelling around Europe, but with CoVid, those dreams have been put on hold... So right now we are spending our days at the beach, snuggled up with a movie or outside watching my skate obsessed sons conquer new tricks on our skate ramp. Life is full and delicious, and I am oh so grateful.

"This ignited something in me: a mission to empower other mothers. A mission to really put the power back into the word 'mother', and the power back into the mother's hands."

Your family life sounds divine. What are your favourite parts of motherhood and why?

Oh, so many great questions! Firstly, the uncovering of something inside myself which I didn't know was there - this fierce, powerful, roaring, yet simultaneously compassionate, selfless and all-loving woman. It is so true that when we birth our children, we birth ourselves, ourselves as a mother. From the moment of my first son Koa's birth, I was lucky to feel empowered. But as I worked with many pregnant women through my role as a pregnancy yoga teacher, I realised this was not the case for many women and this ignited something in me: a mission to empower other mothers. A mission to really put the POWER back into the word 'mother', and the power back into the mother's hands.

Along with this empowerment which was birthed within me, the soft gentle moments, the permission to slow down, the sound of my boys laughing, their cuddles, the way they teach me new perspectives of looking at the world, my memories of breastfeeding and the smell of their skin, the way in which they shifted my focus from Me to We. Jeepers, everything, I just love and appreciate it all.

I love that motherhood lit that fire in you to support and empower other mamas!

Which part of motherhood do you find the most challenging and how do you work around this?

Up until this year, I was a full-time stay at home mum. So no childcare or regular days to myself for 7 years. This was our choice, and I wouldn't change it for a heartbeat, but jeez some days were tough. Before Gus sold his business, he was gone all waking hours 6 days a week and when Jahli (my littlest) was born, I really struggled. Up all night feeding and then up with a toddler before dawn - you know the drill!

My community of local mothers really supported my sanity. I remember we would walk to the local bakery with all the babies and sometimes I would just cry from exhaustion. They really held me, just held me with their knowing and complete understanding because they were mothers too, and it's this universal understanding when you're a mother that I think really helps you get through the tough days and nights, because you know you're not alone.

I feel my role now for the younger mothers in my community is to hold the beacon of light; to let them know that it does get easier, that sleep does come and to cherish the younger days because they slip by so quickly.

"I would be lost without [doTERRA's] essential oils in my home, and therefore sharing them and empowering other mothers with these tools has become a priority for me."

Wow, thank you for sharing those intimate memories. I can certainly relate to that in my current stage of my life, with a 5 month old baby and a very busy, energetic toddler. I'm sure many other readers will be able to connect with your story too... You work with the beautiful essential oil company, doTERRA. Tell me more about what you do, and why you have chosen to align yourself with this business.

Ah, I just adore doTERRA. I align with every part of the company and their ethos. Never in a million years did I think I would be involved in a network marketing company, but now you couldn't tear me away! I get to fulfill all my passions through doTERRA - natural wellness, empowering women - not only with essential oils in their homes, but also other women who say yes to the business opportunity too!

I would be lost without their essential oils in my home, and therefore sharing them and empowering other mothers with these tools has become a priority for me. And to watch my friends and business collaborators rise alongside me, to see other mummas being able to earn an extra income while staying home with their little ones... gives me all the feels!

It is so inspiring to see you following your passion and living in alignment with your values. You are a devout follower of Abraham Hicks. For those who don't know much about them, please enlighten us! How were you first drawn to them, and what impact have they had on your life?

Ah, Abraham Hicks. It's hard to explain who they are without sounding a little like a nutbag! [Laughs]. So to keep it simple, they teach about the 'Law of Attraction' and I would have to honestly say out of everything I have studied, their teachings have had the most profound effect on my life. Like everything in the Law of Attraction, they found me at the perfect timing. When you learn and truly understand the law of attraction your life becomes magical and you feel so capable of creating the life of your absolute dreams. And not creating this though sacrifice and hard work, but through alignment, love and conscious manifestation. They teach that to prioritize your own alignment, your own joy, is the fundamental foundation to receiving all that you desire. I have never been happier, or more relaxed, since bringing these teachings into my life.

"[Essential oils] are so powerful and yet so soft and supportive; they are truly the most beautiful blessing to me for supporting my children."

It sounds amazing, and I am so inspired by your commitment to those beliefs! I have also studied the Law of Attraction, and I love experimenting with it and seeing what I can manifest in my life through the power of my thoughts and energy... I feel very connected to you through our mutual love of yoga and essential oils, but also our style of parenting. You are very much a true 'Earth Mama'. Tell me more about this. How do you support your children's health and wellbeing naturally? And how have your natural parenting techniques evolved as your children have grown?

I love your term 'Earth Mama' and am thankful we have connected too. And yes, to me being an Earth Mama is to use, reach for and teach from Mother Nature. Obviously I use essential oils for everything with my children. They are so powerful and yet so soft and supportive; they are truly the most beautiful blessing to me for supporting my children.

Probably the main thing that has evolved with my parenting is a softening and a relaxing... [My children] are stronger and bigger, and I think as they grow, you relax and know they can handle most things. I've relaxed around what they eat (I used to be a Nazi), letting them make choices for their own little bodies. Letting go is hard, but the gift that results from this softening is seeing them blossom and learn all by themselves. It's magic.

As a fellow mama, I know how important it is to have a self-care ritual, in order to be the best mum to our earth babes. What do you do to fill up your cup?

It took me a while to prioritise my own cup-filling. I used to feel a lot of guilt, but with time and practice I see how much of a better mum I become when I have a full cup. My medicine varies from day to day, but includes my oils, baths, walks on the beach, runs, chats with women who raise my vibration, my business, meditation, yoga, painting, playing in my garden, reading soul-nourishing books, surfing, cuppas with my friends, a glass of wine with my hubby...

"We live a slow paced life, generally outdoors and we all prioritise relaxation."

Ah, that all sounds divine. I feel that we are currently in a very interesting and pivotal time in history. The need to protect and sustain mama earth is becoming increasingly apparent. What practices do you and your family incorporate into your lives to take the pressure off of mama earth?

Yes, I agree. We are by no means where we want to be, but we have a great pipeline of things we are implementing in the home to support a healthier mama earth, such as a wood fire and installing solar. We have a little veggie patch which is growing nicely and we all love getting out into it.

We live a slow paced life, generally outdoors and we all prioritise relaxation. No busy after-school schedules or overcrowded weekends. From an energy point, I feel our personal 'output' greatly benefits the energy of mother earth in this way. We also try and spend most of our dollars locally within our small community.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. Lots of love to you and your family.

Thanks for asking me, I really enjoyed sharing.

Follow Candice and learn more about her offerings on Instagram @a.drop.of.candice

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