About Us

Hi there, I'm Eliza ~ a yoga teacher, essential oil lover, mama to two gorgeous boys and wife to my beautiful soulmate, Heath. We live off-the-grid on an acreage on the wild west coast of the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. For the past ten years, I've had a growing interest in natural health, and when I was introduced to doTERRA four years ago, I fell in love with their certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. These powerful plant extracts help to bring our bodies back into harmony, creating space for healing and vitality. They have provided my family and I with natural, safe and effective solutions for our health and wellbeing.


These beautiful oils are now the basis of Earth Mama Aromatherapy. Our handmade blends are 100% natural and plant-based, providing a safe, convenient and effective way to introduce the benefits of essential oils into your home. Each product is mindfully blended with pure essences from Mama Nature to enhance your health, home and wellbeing. Through the use of eco-friendly glass bottles and recycled packaging, we have minimised our footprint on Mama Earth, helping to preserve and protect her for our earth babes to enjoy for many years to come.

If you're interested in getting any of doTERRA's beautiful oils for your diffuser, head to www.mydoterra.com/elizabox